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Welcome to a division of LLC. Eco-Dumpster is the source for eco-friendly dumpsters in the San Francisco Bay Area. We are the first and original Eco Debris box do not accept imitators. Our dumpsters are carried on smaller 4 cylinder trucks which can even maneuver in the tight streets of San Francisco.

We all have to get rid of garbage or debris at some point or another. What we can do is minimize waste. Rent one of our debris boxes / dumpsters and rest assured we will do everything possible to sort the recyclables and keep them away from the land fill.

The difference between an eco-dumpster and any other dumpster is our process. Our dumpsters area taken back to our yard where we sort them for metal, paper and other easily recyclable materials. Other materials like wood and construction and demo debris are taken to a special facility for retrieval of recyclables. Most if not all dumpsters currently available for rent go directly to a landfill. Every piece of metal or paper we recycle is a resource not permanently entombed under tons of garbage and soil. This is why JunkGeneral decided to start the eco-dumpster division.

You see, landfills are not meant to decompose garbage or anything in them. For this reason even paper has a hard time decomposing in a landfill. The more we can divert away from the landfill the better off we are.

Here is a little bit of Garbage 101:

Garbage which isn't recycled is taken to the landfill. The landfills operate heavy machinery which compacts your garbage into "cells" each cell is covered with dirt and the process begins over and over again. Some landfills have a plastic liner underneath them to prevent "leach" (water and other liquids) from leaching into the soil. But many dont! Many rely on the soil being compacted and creating an impervious layer of clay. For this reason we urge people to never throw away batteries, e-waste and other potentially harmful items into their garbage. By recycling not only do you prevent our landfills from prematurely filling but the machinery that is needed to compact and process the garbage doesn't need to run as long, lowering your carbon footprint.

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